About Us

Integrated Logistics & Expert Procurement

Integrated logistics is critical to successful parts and equipment procurement. Most service providers in the parts location industry in the US use the manufacturer’s or parts supplier’s inland USA transport vendor to their facility, tender their purchases to the customer’s designated freight forwarder who in turn consigns the shipment to the customer’s customs broker. Each service provider submits his charges and the customer winds up dealing with 3 different companies and paying more for transportation. The process is rarely integrated.

SkyPartsUSA™ was formed by former head buyers and managers of a parts locator service with the idea of partnering with an experienced logistics network in the US and Latin America. The combination of these experienced persons will ensure that our customers will have only one source that will handle the following components of any customer order:

1. Receive Purchase Inquiry
2. Locate parts suppliers
3. Obtain Supplier Quotations
4. Obtain customer purchase order
5. Place order with supplier
6. Arrange inland transport to SkyParts warehouse in Miami, Florida
7. Preparation of customs & US Export Compliance documentation
8. Coordinate international transport via Air or Ocean
9. Coordinate customs clearance and duty payments
10. Handle delivery to the customer’s location


Proprietary Technology

SkyParts has developed its own customer friendly technology – a customized order tracking system - PartsTrac™. The PartsTrac™ platform tracks each of the above segments to ensure an organized and controlled purchasing process.

Experienced Team – Parts Sourcing & International Logistics

Parts Locator

General Manager – Lizet Pascual

Director of Sales – Jose Antonio Valladares

Inland Freight Manager – Jorge Iglesias

Eduardo Ocaranza Moraga

President – Albert P. Hernandez

Sales representative for Latin America - Paola Perdomo

ACTUAL CASE STUDIES – From Satisfied Customers

Worldwide Critical Parts Procurement for Latin American Businesses in Mining, Construction and Agriculture.

  1. Mission: locate 60 Mitsubishi filters that were not available in USA. We had to source them from Japan and supported by our logistics network and in country customs clearance partners, we were able to deliver the filters in 5 business days to our customer in Bolivia.
  2. A customer in Chile was looking for a cylinder for his Volvo EC460 BLR excavator. With our worldwide supplier sourcing system we found the part in the UK at an excellent price and delivered to our customer in record time.
  3. A large farming operation in Paraguay needed to find a harvesting machine only available in Italy. After much research we were able to get the best price and delivery time to meet our customer’s need to have the equipment in time for the start of his harvest season.
  4. A unique situation – we had to put a courier on board and rent a helicopter to quickly get a critical replacement part from the USA to a remote gold mining operation in La Rinconada, Peru in 48 hours.

Government Certifications & Authorizations

  • SkyParts operates in a 20,000 square foot facility near Miami International Airport.
  • Due to the parcel volume processed, the USPS has assigned a unique zip code to the facility.
  • The SkyParts warehouse is also a Sales tax free zone designated by the Florida Department of Revenue.
  • The warehouse is a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) This permits SkyPostal, SkyParts international transport service provider, to expedite shipments, cut its own Master Airway bills and tender air shipments directly to the airlines without requiring the airline to screen the cargo, thus avoiding any airline delays.
  • SkyPostal is an Indirect Air Carrier authorized by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This designation requires a very high level of security including employee background checks by the TSA, 24 hour videotaping with 20 cameras in the facility, finger print recognition access control and specialized security training and ongoing testing of its operations personnel.